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In summer there is  more than 20 hours of sunlight each day. Nature is celebrating and it shows in the all seasons flowers culminating in a kaleidoscope of colours.  You will often be the only yacht in the bay.

The Baltic Sea has a yachting history dating back to ancient seafarers.   You will find a variety of seaside towns and villages to visit, as well as picturesque landscapes far off the beaten track.  

Head off the beaten track and discover some of North Germany's hidden gems.  National parks are nestled between scenic villages, where modern buildings blend with centuries of history  

Helsinki, Finland’s capital is a rich, cultural center of modern art .  Sweden reveals a tapestry of unspoilt glistening lakes.

Denmark’s Jutland peninsula is another unexpected location. Biking galore.

Explore the mighty Norwegian fjords sometimes with glaciers in   tumbling from the mountains directly into the sea.

From your comfortable yacht with expert crew you will discover nations in beautiful balance with the present and past, where castle ruins meet with cycle paths and hiking trails that connect into the town centres.

Image by Julius Jansson

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