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Cruising locations in Indonesia vary throughout the year from Komodo National Park in the west and the Spice islands of Maluku to the beautiful Islands of Raja Ampat and remote Papua New Guinea. Most charter yachts  follow the monsoon and sail from West in the summer to East in the winter to cruise on calm seas and avoid rain.


  • Do not forget to click a pic of the iconic Komodo dragon

  • Trough Moments support of Ecoflores, there is always a worthwhile cause to put some energy in

  • Visit the island of Padar which is connected by 3 bays

  • Meet the locals at Mesa Village and get a glimpse of their daily lives

Image by andri onet

Charter Yachts Available


Lone Star

12 Guests 
5 Crew 

Lone Star can accommodate 12 guests (16 including 4 small children) in 6 comfortable cabins. Four crew, including a qualified chef are accommodated in three crew cabins.


Mutiara Laut

14 Guests 

With over 850m2 of sail, she boasts real sailing capabilities while coming equipped with modern engines and generators and all the latest in safety equipment and instrumentation. Built for comfort, she offers year-round diving and leisure trips in far-flung areas of the Indonesian archipelago that are known for some of the best diving in the world.



10 Guests 
6 Crew 

CLAN VI was built under the name “La Numero Uno” and was the first yacht to be constructed at the Italian high-class shipyard Perini Navi, which became world-famous for its élite superyachts such as The Maltese Falcon.

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