With an average height above sea level of just one to three meters, Maldives is one of the lowest countries on the planet. The islands have long been a welcome sight on the horizon among mariners, positioned as they are along ancient trade routes and sea-lanes. Cultural diversity can be seen in everything here right from music to yachts building.  Music is frequently played with a local bodu-beru, or a big drum, that has a strong resemblance to African drumming. The Maldivian Dhoni, a sailboat built locally by skilled craftsmen is strikingly similar to a dhow, the traditional Arabian sailing vessel. 

Maldives has always been a favorite destination for  honeymooners as well as   sailors.  You can snorkel around the reefs here as you spot the manta rays, turtles whilst  sharks swim by. On a charter yacht   you can can engage in the  national sport: fishing. There are several lesser known shores in the Maldives which can only be explored by yachts.


  • Experience Under water Dinning at Kihavah

  • Dive and snorkel around the Kuramathi Islands very close to Kaadedhdhoo

  • Experience the bio-luminescent waves at the Vaadhoo Island

  • Mulee Point and Veyvah Point are a must-visit for anyone visiting Maldives

Image by Ahmed Yaaniu

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