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500 miles north of Raja Ampat, and sharing a maritime boundary with the Japan, Philippines, Indonesia and The Federated States of Micronesia is the breathtaking and independent Republic of Palau. Consisting of roughly 350 islands, atolls and islets they rise from five kilometres depth in the Palau Trench and are protected by a barrier reef.


The main island of Koror with Malakal harbour, Peleliu and the famous Rock Islands. With a tiny population of 21,000, the islands run 80 miles south to north and boast the most diverse ecosystems in Micronesia, both above and certainly below the water. Palau pioneered a shark sanctuary to prevent overfishing in 2009, this has created a very healthy underwater ecosystem.

Palau is special as it has a matrilineal society and the clans determine who will become King and Queen (must be single, not married, but King and Queen are often related)
When to charter? Moments recommends during the northeast monsoon season from December to March.


  • Visit Unesco world heritage site: Rock island’s southern lagoon

  • Swim in the jellyfish lake on Eil Malk Island. Millions of non-stinging golden jellyfish migrate across the lake following the sun as they derive their nutrition from symbiotic algae

  • Underwater ship wreckages and Japanese gun caves provide the perfect housing for a wide variety of marine life

Image by Kurt Cotoaga

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