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Papua New Guinea

North of the hectic charter area of Sorong in the Raja Ampats lies Papua New Guinea -the wold 3rd largest island and part of  the ring of fire.  PNG is one of the most culturally diverse and rural countries in the world  (headhunting and ritual cannibalism survived into the Seventies), it has   a breath-taking array of wildlife and plants as well as uncontacted peoples  and undiscovered species of plants and animals. 

The mountainous terrain plays host to ancient tribal communities -if approached in the right way- keen to share their way of life with charter guests.  Be sure to expect dazzling dance performances and interesting tours around local villages; Moment’s expert guides speak the local language and get you the unforgettable insight of their festivals and pick some fabulous handicrafts from Papua New Guinea.


  • Enjoy scuba diving/snorkeling, reef fishing, bush walking, and kayaking options during your Moments charter

  • Look for the bird of prey, almost extinct and spot the unusual tree kangaroo

  • Experience the Melanesian culture by beachcombing or exploring picturesque villages

  • Climb the highest mountain to experience snowfall in the tropics

  • Enjoy the hotsprings on Ferguson islands.

Image by Liam Hans

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