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Charter in Koh Poda


An island-hoppers paradise, Koh Poda is home to white sandy beaches, crystalline waters, and not much else. Nicely secluded, this is the perfect place to unwind whilst cruising in Thailand.

Situated a short distance from the coast of Krabi, Koh Poda (more commonly known as ‘Poda Island') is an essential destination to visit during a Thailand yacht charter. Just a short cruise from other notable islands, visitors can easily enjoy drop anchor here and enter a tropical paradise.

Fringed by unblemished white sands and set against a dramatic backdrop of steep rocky formations, the island has rightly been described as ‘idyllic’, ‘exotic’, and ‘picturesque’. Indeed, each of these terms goes some way towards describing the remarkable quality of the destination.

What truly sets Koh Poda apart, though, is the scarcity of resorts and restaurants. Largely untouched by developers, this is a destination that looks and feels exactly like a tropical island should.

What’s more, the restaurants which do exist on the island are totally authentic. Serving up flavoursome signature dishes, it’s possible to get a true taste of Thailand whilst enjoying the kind of quiet and solitude that very few destinations afford to visitors.

Due to its relatively small size -it’s less than a kilometre in diameter- it’s perfectly feasible to discover everything the place has to offer on foot. A gentle stroll through a landscape lined with palm and pine trees is certain to please even the most seasoned of travellers.

The intact coral reef which is a mere 20 meters from the shore of Koh Poda also makes this island a particularly good place to indulge in a spot of snorkeling or diving. No matter what your experience or ability, the shallow and crystal clear waters will allow you to become acquainted with some colourful marine life.

The perfect addition to any itinerary on a yacht charter vacation in Thailand, Koh Poda promises to relax and recharge any visitor stepping ashore or swimming in the surrounding waters. Whether you decide to spend a brief afternoon or anchor for a few days, you can be assured of an unforgettable and wholly restorative experience.

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