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Charter in Phang Nga Bay

Phang Nga Bay, on the east of Phuket =part of Krabi province. The destination is good for charter all year round as it’s protected from both the NE and SW prevalent winds. The distinctive features are the limestone karsts jutting out vertically of the emerald green water. Who has not admired the scenery in the famous James Bond film “the man with the golden gun”?

Phang Nga bay hosts some famous festivals, local fishing villages (some built on stilts) as well as 5 star hotels as well as sail races. Be sure to find your natural spa with authentic Thai massage or stop by for a yoga session in any of the islands boutique resorts. The mixed buddhist and moslim population celebrate a variety of religious rituals and ensure you will always be able to choose from a mouthwatering and exotic menu.

Phang Nga bay offers Hongs, caves and waterfalls. Spectacular rock climbing is gaining popularity. Locals climb bamboo poles along the vertical rocks to get the priced swallows nests.

The vegetation is tropical and lush, with a wealth of wildlife in the national parks. You will find mangroves and waterfalls as well as fishing villages built on stilts.

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