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Prep Time:

{"nodes":[{"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"JUSTIFY","lineHeight":"1.58"},"indentation":0},"style":{"paddingTop":"0px","paddingBottom":"0px"},"id":"foo","nodes":[{"type":"TEXT","id":"","nodes":[],"textData":{"text":"KALIZMA is a much loved yacht wherever she goes, and inspired pride from guests and crew alike. She is available for charter in the Maldives until April; and then is heading to the Mediterannean for the summer.\n\nFamously owned by Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, the interior of the yacht contains many of the photographs of this iconic couple. \"Taylor was one of the last stars of classical Hollywood cinema, and one of the first modern celebrities\", known for her stunning violet eyes; and equally stunning 8 marriages to 7 husbands, marrying Richard Burton twice.\n\nThe oldest motor yacht in the world in operation, she has a history spanning more than 110 years. KALIZMA has continued to enjoy the company of many famous guests, and cruised around the world in style. She is equally at home in the Med or in the Indian Ocean.\n\nThe master cabin enjoys stunning views from its elevated position, occupying the entire upper deck.\n\nThere is plenty of space on deck for relaxing and dining, and the excellent Captain Saini is a wonderful host, and he has brought together his dream team, who have experience working with him on KALIZMA and INDIAN EMPRESS.","decorations":[]}}],"type":"PARAGRAPH"},{"type":"PARAGRAPH","id":"5bnl1","nodes":[],"paragraphData":{"textStyle":{"textAlignment":"AUTO"},"indentation":0}}],"metadata":{"version":1,"createdTimestamp":"2022-03-06T06:33:43.665Z","updatedTimestamp":"2022-03-06T06:33:43.665Z","id":"11745da8-13a7-4901-a20e-7cb1e0893473"},"documentStyle":{}}

Cook Time:


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