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Rhode Island

Rich in yachting history and with a backdrop for the enormous party villas that remind you of the Great Gatsby, Newport is also the original home for the America’s Cup proudly defended by the New York Yacht Club. Enjoy the rich US yachting history in the unique Herreshof museum and chill out in one of the great harbour front pubs and restaurants. Apart from being the centre of the US sailing fraternity, Newport offers 400 miles of spectacular coast line. You can plan visits to all part of the perfect summer get away popular yachting destinations including Martha’s Vineyard, Cape Cod and the Hamptons. 

If you are a seafood lover then you will enjoy the lobster fishing here.  In Newport, you will cross beautiful mansions on the ocean drive and can enjoy the abundant wild and aquatic life of the place. It is a place known for its rich history. MOMENTS will help you plan a wonderful yachting vacation combined with a cultural splash in New York.


  • Fluke, porgies, sea bass, cod, tautog (blackfish) and striped bass are some of the fish that you will find here

  • Try your hands at offshore fishing

  • Lighthouse touring and diving options are also available here

Image by Tom Henell

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