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Wellbeing & Detox

Join us for a journey back to real interactions, real dialogues, and enjoyment of wind, sun, water, and a flapping sail. Most of us are so glued to our devices that we tend to forget what is happening around us.. We forget that we can enjoy good company and a beautiful natural setting by simply putting this device away, and making our life suddenly different and more human again… 

It means switching off all your gadgets for a while and enjoying the surroundings as well as connecting with nature. We can plan your day with power-packed activities or can give you an itinerary that takes you on a journey of soul rejuvenation. When you are enjoying the scenery around you and are busy with interesting things to do, your gadgets may even be forgotten.


  • Stargaze from your deck as you take a break from all pings and tweets

  • Enjoy the fresh air as you spend the day reading a book or go fishing

  • Indulge in water sports and get your long missed dose of fun and exercise

Digital Detox

Charter Yachts Available


Seawind 1600

12 Guests 
2 Crew 

Best sailing catamaran in HKG. Incredible indoor/outdoor space. 3 comfortable cabins, 2 bathrooms plus a hot/cold deck shower.



16 Guests 
3 Crew 

This beautifully Burmese teak built has been restored again in Aberdeen during last summer thus offering one of the most beautiful classic charter yachts in HKG.


Sunseeker 131

40 Guests 
8 Crew 

The largest and most luxurious tri-deck yacht for charter in Hong Kong. An excellent choice for big parties or company outings.

Interested in this Charter?

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